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The aim of this site is to make available information, analysis and to offer views on Mauritius that, at times, run counter to the prevailing ideas and general consensus.

Although this site is mainly in English certain sections are in French, a consequence of the bilingualism of Mauritius.

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Volume 1 Number 10 December 2012 – Now online!

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A special single issue on “An Elementary Model to Assess the Impact of Different Levels of Oil Prices on the Mauritian Economy” – August 2012

CT Power, les IPP et le processus MID, quelles transitions énergétiques pour Maurice? Décembre 2012 





A description of Mauritius and where it is to be found in the World!

About Mauritius ; Coastal Zones; Economy;

Energy Considerations; Environment; Fauna

Flora; Forestry; Government; History

The Lagoon;

The Legal System and Environmental Laws

Marine Resources; People & Culture

Sugar cane cultivation and agriculture

Tourism in Mauritius; Water


Local Environmental News (most articles are in French)

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Maurice Iles Durables (MID)

During the months of June and July 2011 we participated in the different working groups of the MID process. We had representatives on the energy and environment working groups. Government recently published the proceedings of the different working groups which can be found here:

The MID process will culminate in a Governmental white paper to be published. However no date has been announced by Government yet!



New files or recently updated ones

Quels impacts des prix du pétrole sur l’économie mauricienne ? 29 oct 2013

Ce que je souhaite pour mon pays pour les prochains 50 ans (13 juin 2013)

CT Power, les IPP et le processus MID, quelles transitions énergétiques pour Maurice? (22 Décembre 2012)

Développement durable et production d’électricité : Charbon pas charbon?

Maurice Iles Durables et Budget 2013 MID : Gone with the wind!

(Platform Moris Lanvironnman November 2012)

An Elementary Model to Assess the Impact of Different Levels of Oil Prices on the Mauritian Economy (August 2012)

Mr Karim Jaufeerally: "Notre civilisation va vers son déclin"

« La seule alternative qui nous reste c'est de changer notre mode de vie, d'économiser nos ressources en arrêtant d'adorer le veau d'or de la croissance"

Article paru dans le Week-End | 15 janvier, 2012



Links of interest

An excellent blog about sustainability, nature, culture and the future of industrial society by John Michael Greer



The Different Environmental Stresses Afflicting Mauritius

Agrochemical Usage

Environmental Stresses

Road Transport

Solid Waste

Sewage Network

Tourism and the Environment


Case Studies in Environmental Management

The Blue Bay Marine Park and Hotel Development

Golf à l'île aux Cerfs

Hôtel à La Prairie

Chaines d'Hôtels à Bel Ombre

Ile Aux Bénitiers




National Heritage / Patrimoine

Le Jardin Botanique de Pamplemousses

Téléphérique au Morne

Projets à Agalega

Biodiversité en danger

Patrimoine en disparition


Ces Hôtels qui font peur

Nature Trails in Mauritius

A trail in the south of the island – February 2011



Global Environmental Issues

Fossil Fuels and Human Civilisation

Biodiversity Loss

Climate Change

Globalisation and the Environment

Land Degradation and Agriculture

Water Resources

World Fisheries





Sustainable Living and Civilisation in the 21st Century

The Electronic Newsletter on Sustainability Issues (ENSI)

The newsletter of the Institute

Issues from 2008 to December 2012 are on line.

A discussion about sustainable development and sustainability (December 2010)



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