Manifestation last night at Blue bay

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As planned since December 1998, two local opposition parties have organised, last evening, a manifestation against the hotel project of Naiade Resorts on Ile aux Cocos. It was on the public beach of Blue Bay in the evening that the manifestation was held. The time and date was chosen so as to coincide with a cocktail the hotel promoters were planning to hold on the island itself, a cocktail that was eventually cancelled.

This Thursday, the promoters will be before the Environment Appeal Tribunal on appeal. The ministry for the environment had initially refused this license to the promoters who have gone to the appeal tribunal. It is to be noted that the initial project for the island was from the Blue Bay Token Island Limited which in 1990 hoped to built 15 bungalows according to the conditions imposed by the authorities of that time. That company had obtained an industrial lease for the project and the restricted number of bungalows allowed was done in view of minimising "the impact of human activity on the surrounding fragile ecosystem and to maintain the attractiveness of the project" says a report. However the present promoters wish to build 100 rooms and a dozen of suites.

The manifestation was held with a number of opposition parties and with local inhabitants. Speeches were given there and the opposition political parties are looking into the matter very closely. It appears that the manifestation was only the beginning of a campaign aimed at preventing the project from going ahead. The political parties are inviting all those in favour of preserving the environment to join their ranks.


Translated and adapted from: Le Mauricien, 19th of January 1999