A new species of "Bois de Pomme"


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A new species of "Bois de Pomme" has been described by the Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute and it was named syzygium guehoi after Joseph Gueho who has immensely contributed to the study of the indigenous flora of the Mascarenas archipelago for the past 30 years.

The syzygium guehoi is a tree that can reach a height of 15 metres. The bark is light brown and gives small beautiful rose flowers. Eighteen species of syzygium had been found in the Mascarenas Archipelago, out of which 14 grow only in Mauritius. Mr Gueho, in collaboration with the botanists J. Bosser and A.J. Scott have described 13 of the 18 species.

The syzygium guehoi belong to the myrtacea family. This species was discovered in 1989 by the botanists D. Florens and J.M. Probost in a valley called Magenta.


Translated and Adapted from: L'Express of 21st of August 2000