The Follies Project on Ile Aux Cocos : After the construction of a hotel there will not be any marine park left to manage"

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The Movement For The Defense of the Blue Bay Marine Park: "After the construction of a hotel there will not be any marine park left to manage"

The inhabitants of Blue Bay, who have mobilised against the forthcoming construction of a hotel on Ile Aux Cocos, insist that a hotel and a marine park are wholly incompatible. "We make an appeal to Government that it reconsiders its stand on this project" say Mr. Leblanc, Mr. Wong, Mr. and Mrs. Seneque. They are also surprised by the lack of response from the authorities. Except for the minister for tourism who wants even more hotels to counter unemployment, there are no reactions from the ministry for the environment or from the ministry for fisheries responsible for the management of the marine park.

Members of the Movement have participated in the manifestation of Monday the 18th of January. They are also concerned by the fact that the project has been given the necessary permits without the obligation of obtaining an Environment Impact Assessment permit, a permit which had been refused previously by the department of the environment anyway. They question the logic of it all.

Reacting to the proposal of the director of Naides Resorts, Mr. Hardy, to manage the marine park, members of the movement question that with the incessant boat traffic the hotel will generate whether the marine park will still exist. They point out the damage caused to the park by the activities of the hotel Shandrani and they do not comprehend how one can allow others to worsen the situation.

They ask what is the Government waiting for to properly manage this marine park. This movement intends to have a petition signed and is calling for the help of environmental clubs of colleges.


Translated and adapted from: Le Mauricien, 24th of January 1999