Ecosud fights for the marine park

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The group Eco-Sud, newly founded, will endeavour to save the marine park of Blue Bay. This group has expressed its concern over the decision of Naiade Resorts to go ahead with the construction of 75 suites on Ile des Deux Cocos found in the marine park.

The project of Naiade Resorts consists of the construction of 75 suites on the island as from February 2000. This project dates from 1988 and had got approval in 1990 for a hotel of 75 rooms.

In 1996, Naiades Resorts wanted to build 120 rooms on the island but did not get approval as its EIA report had been rejected. In consequence it is going ahead with the smaller project of only 75 rooms according to the director of the resort.

EcoSud has been set up only recently and will try to save the marine park and ensure that it is properly managed. According to its president, all stakeholders should come to a consensus for the sake of the park.

Excerpts translated and adapted from: Le Mauricien 6th of September 1999