Bois D'Ebene Noir

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Bois D'Ebene Noir

(I.E.L.S. Endemic Plant Garden)

Scientific name: Diospyros tessellaria, Ebenacea, Poiret

Common name: Bois d'ébène noir, Ebenier

Description and habitat: Endemic to Mauritius, a tree that can reach 20 metres in height with a single straight trunk. The bark is dark grey or black. Relatively common in mid altitude forests. It was the ebony that the Dutch cut down in great quantity for export to Europe in the 17th century. Before the arrival of man, ebony forests were common at altitudes less than 250 metres with an annual rainfall of 1000 to 2500 millimetres. Forest reserves where ebony trees can still be seen are situated on slopes of the mountain ranges of Moka, Black River, Port Louis, Grand Port, Bambous, Trois Mamelles, Corps de Garde. However exotics have also invaded these forest reserves.


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