On the 24th of May 2009 about 2000 people gathered close to St Martin cemetery to march to La Chaumière to protest against the proposed waste to energy incinerator project. The protest march was organised by a number of environmental organisations such as Eco-Sud and Mission Verte and grassroots organisations such as Corps de Garde Akademi, R2L Right to Live, Mouveman Anti Pollution Mont Roches, Forces Vives de Bambous, Forces Vives de Camp Levieux, Forces Vives Gros Cailloux, Forces Vives de Roches Brunes, Action Civique d'Albion Plage, Union Solidarité des Morcellements d'Albion and Youth and Equality Council.


Rezistance ek Alternativ, Mouvement 1er Mai, Powershift and IELS were also present at the protest march in full support.


The protest march was followed by a free popular concert at Camp LeVieux a locality close to La Chaumière. The organisers must be congratulated for their efforts in bringing together so many people from very different backgrounds. It is unprecedented and perhaps a sign of things to come. The many and excellent artists who played all day long for free must also be congratulated for their efforts. As soon as we get a full list of their names we will post it here.


Last but not least, many thanks to the Mauritius Police Force who diligently accompanied the protesters to ensure the safety of all.


Now for our report of the day of protest.








A joyful crowd gathering at St Martin in the morning.




And patiently waiting for the time to march forward. And here we go…





A very cheerful crowd on the go! Nice flag of Mission Verte!






A very good turn out, it seems.





We are now passing by a cattle breeding station only a few hundred metres from the proposed site of the incinerator.





That’s the place or the proposed incinerator!!! And on the other side of the road we find vegetable fields (click picture to enlarge). Air pollution from the incinerator will do wonders for those vegetables… It is amazing that the Ministry of Environment can approve a project that will emit over 2000 air pollutants in an agricultural region. We can only suppose that authorities feel very confident in being able to monitor, control and limit any harmful emissions from the proposed plant.






The protest march by cabbage fields…The picture on the right (click picture to enlarge) gives an overall view of the La Chaumière area, very briefly we have the Corps de Garde mountain sloping gently on the left, the sea straight ahead and the plain in the centre, a man made reservoir can just about be seen. La Chaumière is a beautiful area on the west coast of Mauritius, sunny nearly all year round.





Uphill now to Camp Le Vieux




Very beautiful view of the Corps de Garde mountain next to the football field where the concert was held.






At the concert! Now let us hope that the authorities will lend us an ear…