10.10.10 in Mauritius



On Sunday the 10th of October 2010 (hence 10.10.10) a number of local organisations led by FreeArt, including ourselves (IELS) and PML (Plateforme Maurice L’Environnement), participated in the 10.10.10 awareness campaign against climate change. We suggested that the focus should not be solely on climate change but also on issues such as energy and food security.


This event took place in Rose Hill on the grounds on the Municipality of Beau Bassin- Rose Hill at the Plaza.


  The forecourt of Plaza


There was a number of stands from organisations like the “Women’s League for Alternative Feminine Action WLFAFA)”, the “Mauritius Glass Gallery”, the PML, Green Sun, FreeArt (The organisation behind much of the preparation for the event). The Ministry for Environment also had a stand. Even the Brahma Kumari turned up!






The PML stand next to the one of WLFAFA        Mauritius Glass Gallery (recycled glass) and

Green Sun (solar water heaters and coolers)





Posters on display about under-utilised plants        The stand of the Ministry of Environment – early morning





The local food stand – very important!                 The Brahma Kumari screened films on spirituality and nature





Attempting to set up a bizarre contraption! – An experimental device to generate electrical power from sea currents.







In the afternoon, songs and sketches to finish off the day!



Translation of the above from creole:


“The starting point to prepare for the future, our environment, our neighbourhood, our country. Plant food crops for security. Stop spending money and consuming blindly. Use bicycles or walking for better health. Recycle, repair, reuse, stop wasting and protect our environment. Think about a new constitution for more justice, liberty and democracy. Everything rests on our awareness and our engagement for a new society to make its way. We all are equal before Mother Earth. A better world is possible”