Le Souffleur to La Cambuse trail

Southern CoastMauritius island






The southern coast of Mauritius is very different from the rest of the coastline. There are stretches of cliffs being pounded by the open sea, after a few kilometers, the coastline changes to that of sandy beaches with fairly calm waters in a lagoon. It is possible walk along this long stretch of coastline from Le Souffleur to the public beach of La Cambuse. However it is an unmarked and unofficial track that crosses into private lands belonging to sugar cane estates at times. But they do not seem to mind, yet!


It is a fairly safe walk, but the cliffs are always near to the tracks and care must be taken whilst venturing on the cliffs. Be warned!






The track goes close to the cliff’s edges, be careful!





The sights can be stunning! Inspiring and relaxing!






A barely visible track!




A lone walker on a cliff





At your risks and peril!




A very popular attraction on Sundays…





A wall of basaltic stones that forces us to make a detour inland




A small public beach along the way







A “veloutier vert”, a small bush typical of coastal zones




A carpet of “liane Batatran” in the foreground




La Cambuse public beach…at last!