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The Institute is a non-profit making organisation registered in Mauritius, dedicated to the study of the environment and its interaction with human societies.

It was registered with the Registrar of Associations on the 25th of April 1997.

E-mail: iels@servihoo.com - Tel / Fax: (230) 465 4304

Mail: IELS, C/o Karim Jaufeerally, Cosmos Store, Royal Rd, Rose Hill, Mauritius



Projects and Research

The Web Site

The very first project of the Institute was to have this web site which has been on line since January 1998 and is updated as often as required. In all probability, it was one of the very first websites on the environment of Mauritius.

The Composting of Organic Wastes

For the past few years, we have been carrying out several experiments on the composting of domestic organic wastes. We have published a small leaflet (in French) on home composting and we have been engaged in raising awareness about this technique. Composting is a very important technique for the reduction of the domestic waste stream, but above all, doing so provides a cheap source of plant nutrients ideal for gardens or vegetable plots.



Endemic Plant Garden

The Institute has begun an Endemic Plant Garden. Local endemic species are planted in view of participating in an effort to propagate such plants.

Integrated Coastal Zone Management Committee 

In September 2003, Government set up an Integrated Coastal Zone Management Committee pursuant to provisions in the Environment Protection Act 2002. This committee though mainly composed of representatives from different ministries also has representatives from six environmental organisations. Currently the IELS sits on this committee.

Environmental Watchdog

We have collaborated with Ecosud, Art Jonction to object successfully to the proposed construction of a hotel in the Blue bay Marine Park. Government subsequently rejected the Environmental Impact Assessment report for the hotel project. Such a move on behalf of Government is quite unprecedented for it is very rare for "development" projects to be refused on purely environmental grounds. The promoters have gone to the Environment Appeal Tribunal to have the Government decision overturned by the Tribunal. After a lengthy hearing, the promoters voluntarily withdrew their appeal.

We participated with Ecosud and Art Jonction to the 2001 World Environment Day in Mauritius. In April 2001, Ecosud and Art Jonction made a joint presentation at a forum on ecotourism at the University of Mauritius

Since 2002 we have collaborated with PowerShift, an informal group of concerned citizens led by Mrs Jocelyn Minerve, on the inter-related issues of energy, the environment and the economy. This collaboration has resulted in the organisation of forums on these issues in 2006 and 2007. For the 2005 general elections, Powershift published a position paper in French: VOTER : FAIRE UN CHOIX ECLAIRE, COMPRENDRE LES VERITABLES ENJEUX ET VOIR LES PERSPECTIVES GLOBALES DANS UNE ECONOMIE MONDIALISEE (30 Juin 2005) Jocelyn Minerve

Another World is Possible Committee

As from 2007, we have participated in a joint committee called « Un autre Monde est Possible » that regroups a number of local organisations such as : Rev Lib (étudiants de l’Université de Maurice), Fédération of Progressive Unions, Rezistans ek Alternativ, Fédération des Travailleurs Unis, FreeIT.Org, General Workers Federation, Mouvement Premier Mai, Collectif Pour Un Combat Unitaire, Comité Diocésain du Monde Ouvrier, Ligue Ouvrière d’Action Catholique, Rodrigues Workers Federation, PowerShift,


The committee organised a People’s Forum on the Food and Energy security of Mauritius on the 30th of August and on the 13th of September 2008. Our Presentation (word document). The proceedings of the Forum can be found here.

Environmental Activism

March Against the “La Chaumiere” incinerator project

On the 24th of May 2009, a march organised by a number of environmental and grassroots organisations was held at La Chaumière where the proposed incinerator is to be built. Click here for a report of the march.

10/10/10 event in Mauritius

101010 Event in Mauritius (10th of October 2010)



The Plateforme Maurice Lanvironnement  (PML)

On the 9th of March 2010, an informal consortium of local environmental organisations and individuals launched:

The Mauritius Environment Charter

or in French:

La Charte Maurice Environnement

This informal group has named itself:  Plateforme Maurice Lanvironnement” (PML)

All like minded individuals or organisations are invited to sign this Charter. Please click here for further information. The PML acts as forum for discussions about the environment and publishes its views in the newspapers. It has also participated in the Maurices Iles Durables process.

We also made a presentation on energy issues to members of the PML on the 24th of February 2011 in Rose Hill

Présentation sur les enjeux énergétiques planétaires aux membres de la PML – 24 février 2011 à Rose Hill



Maurice Iles Durables (MID)

During the months of June and July 2011 we participated in the different working groups of the MID process. We had representatives on the energy and environment working groups. Government recently published the proceedings of the different working groups which can be found here: www.gov.mu/portal/sites/mid/document.htm

The MID process ought to culminate in a white paper or an action plan to be published in 2012.



Studies on Tourism in Mauritius

The Institute has been carrying out a number of studies on the dynamics of tourism in Mauritius.



Presentations, publications and studies on energy and the environment

(1) Energie, Environnement et Economie (Trés bréve presentation faite à une organisation féminine le 11 juillet 2005 sur les problèmes énergetiques mondiaux)

(2) An Elementary Model to Assess the Impact of Different Levels of Oil Prices on the Mauritian Economy (November 2005)

(3) The Possible Consequences of Peak Oil (1st August 2005)

(4) Pour combien de temps encore durera pour nous l’abondant pétrole bon marché, force motrice de notre civilisation? (Février 2006)

(5) A Summary of Facts on Energy and of the Impact of a Decline in Oil Supply on the Economy (October 2006)


(6) Presentation faites par M. K. Jaufeerally, M. V. Juwaheer et M. Y Pitchen le 6 Octobre 2007 au Plaza – Theme: Notre civilisation durant le 21eme siècle: Quelles Perspectives? Lien: presentation PowerPoint 252 K

(7) Livret sur les enjeux pétroliers mondiaux – Juillet 2009

(8) Présentation sur les enjeux énergétiques planétaires aux membres de la PML – 24 février 2011 à Rose Hill

(9) An Elementary Model to Assess the Impact of Different Levels of Oil Prices on the Mauritian Economy (August 2012)



Press Articles / Interviews

From time to time, the Institute publishes articles in the local press on environmental and energy issues.

On Aviation, Oil and Tourism Glimpses of the Future (18th of October 2016)


Tourism Dynamics, Coastal land issues and the Mauritian Public, what interactions for the future?  (20 September 2016)


The Budget of 2016 – 2017: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. A perspective from the green end of things. (5 August 2016)


World Oil Prices, the mauritian economy and the fuel pump, what interactions? (24 Octobre 2015)

Apres CT Power, est-ce au tour d’Alteo de torpiller le MID (Maurice Ile Durable) et la NEC (National Energy Comission) ? 7 fevrier 2014

CT Power  est une menace réelle  aux ambitions de MID 1-7 décembre 2013


Quels impacts des prix du pétrole sur l’économie mauricienne ? 29 octobre 2013


Mr Karim Jaufeerally: "Notre civilisation va vers son déclin"


"La seule alternative qui nous reste c'est de changer notre mode de vie, d'économiser nos ressources en arrêtant d'adorer le veau d'or de la croissance" Article paru dans Week-End | 15 janvier, 2012

Karim Jaufeerally (IELS) : «Bon marché, le péage ne servira à rien» Propos recueillis par Iqbal Kalla  | Interview 13/02/2011 – L’express

http://lexpress.mu/gallery/32-358-1804-lexpress-entretien-avec-karim-jaufeerally-membre-de-l-institute-for-environmental-and-legal-studies.html  5 aout 2010

La société moderne et le déclin pétrolier, quelles perspectives pour la période 2010 à 2020 ? 22 février 2010


Incinération, Recyclage et Compostage de déchets – Lettre Ouverte aux Mauriciens Octobre 2009

A l’attention de M. Raj Meetarbhan Rédacteur en Chef de l’Express 21 juillet 2008

Quelle sécurité alimentaire pour Maurice au XXIe siècle ? (13 – 14 février 2008)

Combien de temps encore l’abondant pétrole bon marché? 2eme partie (Parut dans le Mauricien du 5 mai 2006) 

Combien de temps encore l’abondant pétrole bon marché? 1er partie (Parut dans le Mauricien du 4 mai 2006)

Quelle lumière au bout du tunnel de l'autoroute de Ferney (11 mai 2005)

Une Question d'énergie: Quelles options énergetiques pour Maurice d'ici 2020?(23 octobre 2003)

Des barbelés sur La Prairie, ou l’aménagement du territoire, intégré aux besoins de l'industrie touristique. (Octobre 2001)

Le Royal Palm, La Cuvette et le Public Mauricien (16th of february 2001)

Environment Protection Fee and the Hotel Industry (June 1999)



Academic Publications

(a) Jack Carlsen and Karim Jaufeerally, An analysis of Tourism Trends in Mauritius, Tourism and Economic Development, Case studies from the Indian Ocean region, Ashgate 2003

(b) Jack Carlsen and Karim Jaufeerally, An analysis of Tourism Trends in Mauritius 1979 to 1998, Current Issues in Tourism, Volume 6, No 3, 2003

( c) Thierry Simon, Karim Jaufeerally, Des littoraux sous contraintes, L’Ile Maurice face à ses nouveaux défis, Université de la Réunion, L’Harmattan, 2008

(d) Karim Jaufeerally, l’économie mauricienne face à l’enjeu pétrolier, L’Ile Maurice face à ses nouveaux défis, Université de la Réunion, L’Harmattan, 2008



Reference Library

Since its inception the IELS has endeavoured to collect as much publications as possible on Mauritius. Local press articles of interest are collected and organised in folios thematically. These documents can be consulted by the public on request only for the time being.



Mini – Symposium & Forums

On two occasions the IELS and PowerShift organised mini-symposia on energy issues and oil depletion. The first symposium was held at Hotel Le Labourdonnais on the 26th of August 2006. The proceedings were conducted in French.

Comptes rendues du mini symposium organise par l’Institut sur l’impact de la depletion petroliere sur Maurice (Aout 2006)

The second symposium was held on the 1st of June 2007 at l’Alliance Française in Bell Village, Port Louis

Présentations faites au mini-symposium intitulé: “Energie, environnement et sociétés humaines - les enjeux pour l’île Maurice du 21eme siècle” du 1 juin 2007



Collaboration with the Centre for Alternative Research and Studies


On Economic, Social And Environmental Issues - Bois Cheri Rd, Moka, Republic of Mauritius - Tel: +230-4336431, Email cares@myfreeit.org

We participated with CARES on a number of seminars on environmental and economic issues

(1) A one day seminar on “What Alternative Economic Model for Mauritius”  organised by the Centre for Alternative Research and Studies (CARES) and Confederation Syndicale de Gauche (CSG) - 5th of October 2011 - Foyer Fiat, Petite Riviere. Our presentation on alternatives to our present economic system

(2)  ONE DAY SEMINAR - Thursday 24th November 2011 - Gold Leaf Hotel, Port Louis – (CARES)

The ecological dimensions of the global crisis affecting 21st Century Industrial civilization:
Ecology from a Labour and Social Movement Perspective

Our presentation: The Dynamics of the Modern World, the Crises of the 21st Century and alternatives to our present economic system

(3) Residential Summer University  organized by the Centre for Alternative Research and Studies (CARES)– December 2011 – Riambel - Our presentation was about the “Multi-dimensional Global Crises, Financial, Economic, Food and Ecological”



Last update: 3rd of December 2013

Date on the web: January 1998