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Situated somewhere in the South Western Indian Ocean, the island of Mauritius lies at approximately latitude 20o south and longitude 57o east of Greenwich.

It is about 800 km to the east of Madagascar and is part of the Mascarene Archipelago.

The Mascarene Archipelago consists of three islands, Mauritius, Reunion (which is part of the Republic of France) and Rodrigues.

The Republic of Mauritius itself comprises the island of Mauritius, Rodrigues, Saint Brandon, Agalega and the Chagos Archipelago.

In short Mauritius is made up of small and over crowded islands with few natural resources and a bewildering array of races, religions and cultures. Yet the country has managed to offer to the majority of its citizens living standards thought to be unattainable only a generation ago.



Map Of The Indian Ocean

Map Of Mauritius

Map Of Rodrigues

Map Of Agalega





A view over the Black River Gorges,

South West of Mauritius



Press Articles

ApartÚs: YVES PITCHEN, PHOTOGRAPHE (Novembre 2003) , an interesting interview, in French, that provides a particular sharp insight about what Mauritius is all about.




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