The Economy Of Mauritius

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City of Port Louis, the Capital City

The economy of the island is based upon agriculture, industry, trade and services. It is very much an export oriented economy due to the relatively small size of the local market and the lack of natural resources. The main exports are sugar and wearing apparel from Export Processing Zones. Tourism is a major contributor to the local economy. There are budding Off-shore and Free-Port sectors which will, it is hoped, contribute significantly to the wealth of the Republic.

The lack of natural resources ,except for a very fertile soil, compounded with the lack of a significant internal market has not been conducive towards sustained economic growth. Hence for the most part of its history, Mauritius has been a poor island. It is only for the past fifteen years or so that the majority of the inhabitants has known some degree of economic well being.

Indeed, the Gross Domestic Product per capita has gone from Rs 1218 (US $ 219) in 1968 to Rs 74,336 (US $ 3543) in 1997. From a poor country in 1968, at the time of independence, Mauritius has risen to a middle income country in 1997.

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