Electricity, Gas and Water

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Electricity: Annually, the country produces more than 800 Mega Watt - Hours of electricity. Two thirds of that production comes from Thermal power stations, 25% from Hydro-electric power stations. The remainder is purchased from a number of sugar factories that burn bagasse (the end residue of sugar cane processing) for the generation of electric power.

C.E.B. The Central Electricity Board (C.E.B) is a government owned corporation that is responsible for the production and distribution of electric power throughout the island.

Sectoral Electricity Consumption:

Domestic: 37%

Industrial: 35%

Commercial: 25%

Irrigation & others: 3%


Press articles on energy production in Mauritius

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La privatisation du CEB est-elle dans lintérêt des consommateurs ? (13 Avril 2003)

M. José Sabatier, président de l'Institut d'Énergie et du Développement de France "C'est une erreur de vouloir privatiser le CEB" (24 novembre 2002)


Gas: There is no gas industry as such in Mauritius. Cooking gas (Butane) is imported and distributed in cylinders throughout the island by private companies.


Water Resources of Mauritius

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