The Electronic Newsletter on Sustainability Issues




In April 2008, the IELS launched its newsletter. As the name implies, the focus is on sustainability issues of human civilisation. Articles can be in English, French or Kreol.


Anyone interested in submitting articles can do so by contacting us on


The IELS reserves the right to accept or reject submitted articles or to edit them accordingly. Only those articles written by IELS staff will be representative of the views of the Institute. Individual authors will at all times be responsible for the contents of their articles.


The newsletter will be published twice a year and anyone wishing to receive future editions of this publication, please send us an e-mail on


Past editions will be postered to this website as they are published.


Karim Jaufeerally

Chief Editor




Volume 1 Number 1 April 2008 (word document)


Volume 1 Number 2 December 2008 (word document)


Volume 1 Numer 3 July 2009 (word document)


Volume 1 Number 4 December 2009 (word document)


Volume 1 Number 5 July 2010 (word document)


Volume 1 Number 6 December 2010 (word document)


Volume 1 Number 7 July 2011 (word document) 


Volume 1 Number 8 December 2011 (word document)


Volume 1 Number 9 June 2012 (word document)


Volume 1 Number 10 December 2012


Volume 2 Number 1 December 2013