Endemic Plant Garden

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Bois De Chandelle

(I.E.L.S endemic plant garden)

On a private plot of land, the I.E.L.S. has begun planting a number of plants endemic to the island or to the Mascarena Archipelago (Mauritius, Reunion and Rodrigues).

The aim of this project is to participate in a general effort to propagate endemic species some of which are threatened with extinction. The Archipelago has over 800 endemic species of plants, some of which fare relatively well whilst others may soon disappear altogether.

Interestingly enough, relatively little is known about some of them, for example only a fraction of the plants have been tested for potential pharmaceutical properties.

The scope for research is indeed immense.

List of Plants in the Garden

BiomeCommon NameScientific Name Number of Plants
Low Land Forests and coastal biomesBois de Chandelle Dracaena reflexa Lam. Var. reflexa, Liliaceae 4
Bois de Chandelle Dracaena concinna Kunth,


Bois de ChandelleDracaenna floribunda, Liliaceae 2
Baume de l'ile Plate Psidia trinervea, Composeae4
Bois d'Ebene Noir Diospyros tessellaria, Ebenaceae2
Bois PintadeMyonima obovata, Monimiacees 1
Rain ForestBois Colophane Batard Protium obtusifolium, Burseraceae1
Bois d'Olive Elaeodendron orientale, Celastraceae2
Bois ClouEugina lucida, Myrtaceae 1
Manglier vertSideroxylon cinereum, Sapotaceae 1
Arbre papillons, arbre à huile Hornea mauritiana, Sapindaceae1
Other Flowering PlantsHibiscus Hibiscus fragilis, Malvaceae1
Hibiscus Hibiscus boryanus, Malvaceae4
HibiscusHibiscus genevii, Malvaceae 2
TrochetiaTrochetia boutonia, Sterculiaceae 4
Plants from RodriguesBois Balais Turraea laciniata, Meliaceae2

Date on the Web: 15th of July 1999

Last Update: 13th of August 2000