Ile Aux Cerfs

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Ile Aux Cerfs is a large island found on the east coast of Mauritius close to the coastal village of Trou D'Eau Douce in the district of Flacq. It is nearly 100 hectares in area. There are a number of sandy beaches. For years the hotel group Sun Resort Ltd has operated two restaurants, a bar, and a boathouse and provided other beach amenities on the island. The hotel also operates a paying ferry service from the mainland to the island that is used by tourists and the public alike. The island is part of the public domain and is made available to Sun Resort on lease from Government. It is a very popular recreational spot for both Mauritians and tourists alike for there are close to 800 visitors to the island per day.

Sun Resort Ltd has begun to carry out works on the islet for the construction of a golf course there. The project was first announced in 1998 and very quickly it aroused a fury of opposition from a number of quarters, whether it be political or environmental.


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