The Sinking of the Fishing Vessel the Hoi Siong No 6


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On the 11th of February 2003, the fishing vessel the Hoi Siong No 6 was scuttled and sunk off ile aux Bénitiers in the south west lagoon of Mauritius. It will be a new artificial reef that will become a sanctuary for marine life over time. This undertaking was made possible through collaboration between the Mauritius Marine Conservation Society, the Mauritius Scuba Diving Association and the Mauritius Oceanographic Institute.

(The photographs are the courtesy of Mr. Y. Von Arnim of the MMCS)

The Hoi Siong en route for its final destination


The Hoi Siong on tow

The Hoi Siong on site


The Hoi Siong listing

A new life starts for the Hoi Siong. It took 40 minutes for the vessel to sink. It now lies at a depth of 27 metres approximately, on a sandbank.


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